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Rest in Peace Terry

You are Flying with Angels

Kyle Kawafuchi, Kevin Shimoda, Jo Ann Dowling, Matt Masuda, Patti Kuniyuki, Edward Sioit, Miles Yoshida, Clifton Inouye, David Kong, Warren Yamada, Richie Wong, Shannon Kawamoto, Odetta Stevens - Little Rascals teammates past and present.

Alex Seguritan, Trinity Seguritan, David Thatcher, Law Mau - I cannot remember all the names but we are brotherhood in Terry's Ohana. If you would like your name on here please email me and I will add it.

Trinity and TJ

Terry Seguritan touched many lives and had an enormous amount of friends. Friends and relatives that flew miles to get here to honor him and lay him in his  final resting place.

Being included with the Little Rascals has been an experience - the friendship and camaraderie cannot be expressed. Once you get to know each and everyone of them it is hard to turn your back to them. They are funny sometimes moody but it does not stay that way. The jokes and pranks they play on one another sometimes leaves you laughing so hard your stomach muscles hurt for the next day or two.

I remember our stays in Las Vegas each year something memorable happened whether they want to remember it or not - but alas I do not forgot (got ya). Terry was the one that kept them in line and always with a smile. We played pai gow in the room or we scented it for good luck and we even had to wake up the sleeping Kong when we did it. They built cup towers - we have pictures to prove how high it got. They as a group of young men went to the farm for Terry's birthday one year and left me - not that I would've gone but it was how they left - they all disappeared in small groups never to be seen till the next morning.


Terry always told me don't give up and if I ever needed a partner for darts he would play with me - however he had so many friends and fellow darts players that wanted to play with him - it was rare that we got to play that often but when we did we had a lots of fun either winning or losing - it didn't matter - it was for the moment.

We talked about a lot of things and boosted each others spirits whenever things got hard emotionally especially when Boo got hurt. I'm going to miss those talks and the smile.

God Bless and Rest In Peace Terry


Jo Ann Dowling
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