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I am adding a new feature - short stories that I have written or blogs on different products and items. Give me your feedback on whether you like it or not. This is the first 3 chapters of a story - if you would like to read the rest of the chapters please email me and I will post them on this website as long as there is a favorable response. Email: jdowling@jojera.net

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3


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  3. Just an Opinion 9/15/12

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  5. Image and Dignity 5/1/2012

  6. Time Flies.... 11/4/2011

  7. Medalist Worlds Championship July 2011 Venting my opinion on several issues 8/21/11

  8. Excitement in the Air 7/20/11

  9. July is Coming 6/23/11

  10. Congratulations Kyle K. 5/27/11

  11. Best of the Best 5/15/11

  12. Getting Sponsors 5/14/11

  13. Friendship and Good Causes 4/24/11

  14. Tragedy in Japan 4/12/11

  15. Promotions and Sponsorship 3/7/11

  16. The 99 Club 2/4/11

  17. Why do people torture themselves? 11/24/10

  18. Sportsmanship 8/9/2010
  19. Are We Really Friends 6/12/2010


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