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Little Rascals

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Warren Yamada - Team Leader
David Kong - Coordinator
Cliff Inouye 
Jo Ann Dowling 
Patti Kuniyuki
Gary Gardner
Ed Saoit
Kevin Shimoda
Matt Masuda 
Miles Yoshida 
Terry Seguritan - R I P 2012
Kyle Kawafuchi


A Night with "The Little Rascals" Winners
Bounty Shoot 8/10 and Bounty Shoot NL/25 1/12/13


Kyle Kawafuchi, Kevin Shimoda, Jo Ann Dowling, Matt Masuda, Patti Kuniyuki, Edward Sioit, Miles Yoshida, Clifton Inouye, David Kong, Warren Yamada, Richie Wong, Shannon Kawamoto, Odetta Stevens - Little Rascals teammates past and present.

Alex Seguritan, Trinity Seguritan, David Thatcher, Law Mau - I cannot remember all the names but we are brotherhood in Terry's Ohana. If you would like your name on here please email me and I will add it.

Cliff - Terry - David - Patti - Kevin - Warren

Terry - David - Warren - Miles

Ed - Matt - Warren - David

Terry - Jo Ann - Kyle


A Night With "The Little Rascals" Winners

A Night With "The Little Rascals" Single/Doubles Tournament
10/13/12 at Hawaiian Brian's

Results are in first time having this tournament - had so much fun and the cast of characters made all worth while. Had a lot of fun just cruzing with everyone and meeting new players and talk story with others. We will be running this again next month - come join us - keep watching for the date will post it soon. Might change the cap and who the bounty will be.


Little Rascals Some Team Memories:

A Day/Night with "The Little Rascals" Winners
School Yard Draw and Bounty Shoot 11/10/12

Great Times Good Friends




Jo Ann Dowling
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