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Sinister Custom Darts

Owner Phil Morehead
Roseville, California

Hi Everyone

As you know I like to write blogs about different things and upcoming people, places and things. Well I met a person at the Dartslive US Open that I had heard about and was truly impressed.

Phil Morehead is owner and CEO of Sinister Darts a company that produces custom made barrels. He is a new and upcoming manufacturer who is a party of one right now but his precision and workmanship is truly something to see.

I have not heard any negative feedback and my friend Kyle Kawafuchi introduced me to him. I had seen him before at other tournaments in Las Vegas but did not have the pleasure of actually meeting him.

He advertises on his website http://sinisterdarts.com/ or on facebook. You can see his designs that he has made for his players as well as other people seeking something changed on their current barrels. You will see the many accomplishments that his team players have had with his custom made barrels.

Go check him out I have only shown you the tip of the barrel and I hope this little blog will increase and keep his business alive. This is truly a wonderful thing to have barrels made to your specifications this could increase your win percentage since you do not have to use something that is stock made.

Aloha All and thank you for reading my blog

Jo Ann Dowling


Jo Ann Dowling
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