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November 4, 2011

Time Flies........

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Gosh can’t believe that here it is November and the last time I blogged was in August, So many things have happened or changed since then. I personally have been really busy with work and home and I am sure that many of you have been as well.

We’ve had the Hawaii Classic in September with our friends from Japan participating. A new venue Hawaiian Brian’s which was a surprise for everyone. There were a few glitches and complaints but all in all I think it went very well.

Thursday was the Welcome Party for the Japanese players at the Outrigger where we had a gift packs for everyone, live entertainment, great buffet and raffle for all those present. The evening atmosphere and weather held up for the most part with a slight sprinkle of rain – the Hawaiian blessing. We had approximately 80 people attending.

Our special guest from Japan was Miho Iwanaga, one of the highest ranked women dart player. She drew the raffle winners for the night. Among the guest from Japan we had Jinta Serizawa from L-Style. Kei Hasegawa from Medalist-Asia and Masa Fukunaga from Trinidad Darts along with about 15 players from Japan. You can see this video on Leisure Games website under Events (HC Results tab).

Friday was the big pre-register Blind Draw tournament – we had a very large group of 88 players participating. The winners and video can be seen on the Leisure Games website under Events (HC Results tab). It was a long night for us but we all managed. 

Saturday we had a couple of tournaments that some pre-registered for and some registered on site. We had the A’s and C’s finals in the morning, couple of Sweet Sixteen events, King and Queen of the Hill, and the big event 9/under which consisted of 72 players.

Sunday was our last day at Hawaiian Brian’s starting with the B’s finals and ending with the Blind Draw Trios. There was East meets West exhibition match between Miho Iwanaga/Ryo Fushida against Philman Reyes/Bryson Shinsato. All in all it was great fun.

I want to congratulate all the winners and say for the most part everyone showed the Japan players good will and companionship. It was fun and a lot of work but everything pretty much went as planned. There was an incident or two, but for the most part it went really well. I want to thank Alan Nakamura of Leisure Games for putting this on as well as all of his staff who worked some really long hours.

You can check the winners and videos on Leisure Games website under Events (HC Results tab).

I will be putting a remembrance book together for those of you interested watch for this in the coming weeks. There will be a small charge to cover my cost of putting this together. If you are interest in a copy of the videos let me know as well and I will see what I can do.

Now onto October/November – we had Medalist registrations and the start of the Fall season. We are now into week 5 for Fall season many of us are now into the routine of league and more league. Turkey Shoot dates will be posted soon – Lisa’s House will be on the Saturday November 12th see Calendar for details.

The holidays are coming up!

How many of you like me think about all the great foods that are traditional for the holidays? If you’re like me the thought of gaining weight is inevitable – well I found a really neat video that gave some really interesting advice that I would like to share with you. Click on this link to watch the video.  http://tinyurl.com/http-dietsolutions  Yes in the end it wants you to buy the product. I am not saying buy it but just listen to the video advice and ideas.

There are some good points to ponder. We all would like to stay trim and slim however as we get older and eat more during the holidays it becomes harder to keep the excess off. Every year around this time I end up gaining a few extra and it takes me longer and longer to get rid of it. Sometimes it stays with me for quite awhile before leaving (haha) sometimes not!!!

Well I think I am caught up now. Oops forgot to mention that Alfred Bernarte and Elmer Acorda are going to Seattle in December to participate in the Singles Event. Let’s wish them well and make extra effort to give them rubs in practice or competition events.

Aloha All and thank you for reading my blogs



Jo Ann Dowling