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Congratulations Kyle Kawafuchi

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Something Wonderful has happened to one of Hawaii’s Dart Players.  Many of you put up with my constant nagging to vote for Kyle on the Prilosec OTC Officials -We're looking for real people to sponsor in pursuit of real passions. Well gang it paid off. Kyle will receive sponsorship from Prilosec OTC for 2011 World Championships in Las Vegas Nevada in July. Are we excited!!!! Yes we are!!!

Here’s an excerpt of what Kyle’s passions are and what he submitted to Prilosec OTC:

Kyle's passion and why it's important to him:

Hi my name is Kyle and I want to be a Grand Master soft tip dart player known world wide. My passion is soft tips darts which I have been actively pursuing for last year. Last year was a turning point for me when darts became a competitive passion rather than a bar past time. I have been playing league for one year now and have moved up ranks from a mediocre player to a proficient player.

How Kyle plans to let people know about it if he becomes officially sponsored by Prilosec OTC:

I would post my sponsorship on facebook and let other dart players know of your great offer to help people with their passions. The soft tip dart community here in Hawaii are usually 80 players strong that attend the Las Vegas Championships. Many of us are finding it difficult financially to make this happen this year – some has been laid off. I would wear your logo whenever competing nationally or internationally. I would tell everyone I know what a great concept this is.

These are some of the things that helped him gain acceptance and promoted him and to have so many votes in such a short time were all factors in him being chosen.

I want to personally thank everyone that voted and supported this cause and let you know you can see the results on this link to his candidate profile on the Prilosec OTC website: http://www.officialsponsor.com/officials/view/304

Good job Kyle – now use your passion to make us proud in Vegas – Go team Hawaii!!!

I want to congratulate all the teams that are going to finals in Vegas good job everyone and let’s bring home some trophies!!!! I have a feeling this will be a memorable year for Team Hawaii and Leisure Games. We will have many opportunities to showcase the talent in Hawaii so let’s all show support for each other and maintain good sportsmanship. Anything and everything is possible when you really want it and project it – Congratulations everyone Vegas here we come!!


Aloha All and thank you for reading my blog

Jo Ann Dowling