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Posted 9/15/2012 on Facebook Just My Opinion Posted 9/16/12 on Facebook

·  Just My Opinion – I have never used this as a forum normally you will find this on my website blogs:
Today I feel that I have to say something because it’s been bothering me for awhile. Hawaii dart players wake up – we have many good dart shooters and grand masters but where are we as far as promoting or being representatives for any company whether they are dart related manufacturers or just plain local businesses.

What I see is that many expect things to come to them or they feel that they should be the representative because they know key players in the industry. The way I see it – it will never happen because first and foremost image is everything. It’s unfortunate that when companies do come down to check up on a dart player to see how well they do or show sportsmanship they leave with nothing. Can anyone influence this no – companies want people who will look out for their best interest.

There are some players who meet the essence of what a company is looking for but because their rating is not a grand master they are not even considered. Without some sort of recommendation these players have to struggle to get to the top and it’s not always easy to get there or maintain.

Do I have a say? – no because I do not personally go after visitors who can influence whether they want that person or not. I have seen where someone comes in from a company and certain individuals will monopolize their time or takes them away from seeing other people. If I had a say I would recommend 4 players to represent Hawaii and 3 of them would not be a grand master but upcoming players who can and will be a grandmaster someday – who given the chance would be an asset to any company they represent.

Posting comments on facebook, grumbling about handicap or ratings, showing your frustrations on the boards, getting drunk or just causing a scene is not what I look for in a person who should be endorsed. Nowhere in all of this is how your partner feels or how your actions now influence that person’s performance in the next tournament or league play. Telling them you’re sorry but you’re drunk is not an excuse – everyone paid their fees to enter the tournament – if you’re too drunk to play don’t play. I am so tired of seeing this happen over and over and I feel for your partners.

One of the key things I look for in a person whether in business or play time is respect to me and the game or business. I have had players walk out on me, give up or not even try. How does that influence new and younger players? I have seen some new players take on the persona of some of these complainers or poor losers. What happen to good old fashion graciousness, respect and sportsmanship?

I have a really great partners for league and their rules are show up, try hard and don’t give up no matter what. Our team which is a large group also support these convictions and we as team do well. We also tell all other players who play with us the same thing.

Hawaii has over a 100 players that compete with each other and in Las Vegas, NV when we can but many of us cannot afford to go all the time for major mainland tournaments so we rely on local tournaments – but so much of the no respect and sportsmanship has made it even harder to participate, at least for me.

Hawaii needs sponsorship and our players need recognition – I only hope that ones that are chosen will show respect to people, the game and the company they represent.
I am sorry if this offends anyone and I know that I will hear about it, but it’s just what I see and my own opinion.


Aloha Jo Ann

Good morning everyone have a nice day.
Thank you everyone who responded to my post yesterday for your interpretations of what was said and your opinions. It was never meant to single out any one person or group - some issues will never change whenever handicap plays into the picture, any sport with handicap will always have people who will try to beat the system however there are a lot of players
who really try to get better. I personally do not go to a tournament banking on getting a high person because 9 times out of ten I will not - I can only hope for a decent player who will not give up and I will give them the best that I can do. There are both handicapped and no handicapped tournaments you just have to look for them - this gives you options on whether you play or not.


Jo Ann

    Dot Fujinaga Whenever you have handicap you will always have sandbagging and this is not unique to darts. You have this in pool, bowling, golf, etc etc. Anytime you have a winner and loser you have people trying to cheat to win. Unfortunately, this is just how is is sometimes. We run tournaments with modified draw because there are more lesser skilled players than better ones and we feel this levels the playing field more. Sometimes we do run no handicap but not that often. So it all comes down to a matter of choice. Do you want to play knowing the conditions or choose not to play because of it. I for one never play in tournaments because I know what my limitations are and I have seen how it is sometimes when better players have to play with a partner like me. Sometimes their disappointment is obvious. Like any other sport, not everyone will be at the same skill level, you have the exceptional ones and the ones at a lower skill level and that's why you have handicaps. But since throughout time it is obvious that we haven't been able to prevent sandbagging in any sport, for now we just have to accept that it will happen, unfortunately. But the choice is yours play knowing this or don't. Bottom line is this is just a game not a livelihood.
    Jennifer Garma Well said...both of u. The key word here is 'choice'...its sad when we see players leave, especially our GM's because that is who many of us playing aspire to be...they are our role models. The young players that begin look to them for guidance & those are the ones who should teach and mold up and coming players to respect, love & guide them to be the best....without that the sport will always be lost.

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    Personally I did expect the responses or the direction this opinion took. Jo Ann


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    Cheryl Bonnie Muranaka Am I one of your 4? Buahahahah! I agree about sportsmanship and the, "drunk, I'm sorry".

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    Philman Reyes Why Don't u just straight out name people. I know I'm one. Till you walk in my shoes as a grandmaster and See the same people throwing 5 or more their rating in a handicap tourney while we are throwing our rating or couple above and losing and nothing gets done about it . I took my cracks along the way to grandmaster status and for the walking out and not finishing tourneys, It's better walking out then making a scene with my personal issues like I used to. I do apologize and know that's not the right thing to do. I seen everyone blow up when I say everyone I mean everyone. It's a competition. Alcohol will always be in the mix with this sport because It's in a bar and bars support our players with tournaments. I need work on my sportsmanship I'm not going to deny that but I know one thing I can play this game that you call darts. You should have just pointed your finger straight at me Joann Dowling.

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    Shana Kam While I understand where you're coming from and what you're trying to say, maybe you should try and put yourself in the other person's shoes before indirectly blasting them on facebook. This is a recreation "sport" that most people first play while hanging out at bars. All the venues for anything related to darts take place at bars where the main business is serving alcohol. Right now the bars are the only one sponsoring and supporting their players for tourneys. Some people are naturally more competitive than others. So you can understand how frustrating it can be for grandmasters that have to deal with "sand bagging" players on a regular basis. Where are the rules or regulations for those kind of people. What gets done about them? Nothing.

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    Shana Kam Sportsmanship is important too, I understand that. But so is fairness. As far as getting sponsors go, maybe it's just a matter of not knowing how. Try educating them or helping them, letting them know what options they have. Image is important but not everything. Life happens and sometimes you can't control it. It's not how you pretend to be that makes an image. It's how accountable you make yourself to your actions that matter. We're just trying to keep it real...

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    Erwin Soria I'm a retired dart player.. All I want to say is that it's been my pleasure playing with and against everyone of you in this dart community...as far as sportsmanship? It's all a matter of perspective. There's competitive sportsmanship and recreational sportsmanship- play the game because you love the game! Shoot well and aim for excellence! Aloha!

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    Theresa Labajo Nicely said Erwin!!! Play the game because you love the game!!! Shoot well and aim for excellence.

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    Philman Reyes If I take top 4 in the dragon tournament and think I Don't deserve the right to represent Hawaii I would gladly give it to someone u think does.

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    Vergil Hoffman Like Erwin, I'm also retired. The reason I got out though, is because of all of the sandbaggers and the vendors not doing anything to regulate it!! For at least ten years straight I was a Grandmaster. So I do know exactly what Philman is talking about. Try to put yourself into a Grandmaster's shoes....How's about being a 14 or a 15 and having to shoot like you are perfect because of the sandbagging and the spots, and sometimes STILL LOSE. Or how about watching your opponents come in as a 6,7 or an 8, but play like they are a 12,13 or a 14....That SUCKS!!! And then to watch the authority do absolutely nothing about it...WOW!! Or how about getting the same partner in blind draw tournaments for several years in a row, while everyone else gets a fair shake..How's about this...some of the lower rated players just showing up because they know that they will automatically get a Grandmaster as a partner...and then expect you to carry them on your back so they can reach the money, but when you don't, they look at you like you never did your part..AHHH, COME ON...Even the best Grandmasters have off days on the dartboard..If everybody's $5 or $10 at the tournament is equal...and the pot is split equally...then why aren't the darts treated the same way...Leave the handicaps for the leagues...Make the tounaments straight up again!! I can't remember a single, straight up blind draw tournament that wasn't fun and competetive..However, I've been retired for about ten years now and I still have a bad taste in my mouth from all of the handicapped ones that I have participated in..JUST SAYING!!!

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    Philman Reyes Nice Vergil. Couldn't have explained it better

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    Philman Reyes Coming from a true grandmaster. Vergil Hoffman

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    Vergil Hoffman Feel for you and the other Grandmasters Philman..I know how hard it is to maintain that level of play you guys are at!! Not easy at all!! Alot of time, dedication and sacrifices!!

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    Vergil Hoffman While you watch others try to maintain a 6,7 and 8. Taking the easy route, as usual!!

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    Gary Gardner Jr. I am a 8 in dartslive, 6 in medalist,
    I can shoot double digits, if I do, I am happy.
    There is a reason why I am an 6, consistency.
    Grip, release. Not accurate...
    Of course I would like to shoot double digits every time...
    Even in tourneys...
    People would get mad claiming that I'm not a 6, which I'm still spotting, and just be like " fuck this game". For me, it was shocking...
    Coming from Japan, having respect in each other, having a fun time playing darts.
    Most places that I use to go, is not a bar. It might be a bar sport over here, but in Japan it's different...
    I do see people, bragging about them selfs, or talking shit to you CAUSE THEIR DRUNK...
    I did the same.
    Everybody knows that if I'm shooting  good, and I had a nice out, or I won, I would yell.
    But after, I won't be like "fuck you" to the opponent.
    I would have respect. If it wasn't for the opponent, there would not be no competition. Darts is not just yourself... You have an opponent to beat.
    I will continue to be who I am, and if somebody don't like what I do, or what I say, just tell me.
    I always have respect for everybody... Even if I hate the guy, I will always have respect.
    That's the way I was brought up, and will continue to represent Japan, and Hawaii.

    One more thing, my point of view, and I know I would get some complaints but...
    Not to just grandmasters, but everybody.
    If your going to complain about it, just don't participate in it. Tell the vendors or the bar or whatever ( people that runs the tourneys) to make a straight up tourney.
    People like my wife won't play in it cause she knows that she sucks, and there is no way that she can win to a grandmaster(maybe not but most likely). There should be both handicap and straight up.

    Sorry for the long comment, and hope that everybody would be together as one.
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    Warren Beckham It takes time, commitment and discipline to become a good dart player. Some people don't make it. The road to the top is hard and frustrating but never give up. It's worth the rewards.

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    • Chad Horiuchi In every sport that there is handicap, there will always be sandbagging.. Just like bowling I stopped bowling leagues because of it and only bowl scratch tournaments (tv bowling).. Maybe we should go back to old school tournaments where they are all straight up.. I think that's why there were so many grandmasters back then.. because if you wanted to compete you really had to play all out and not depend on handicap.. I can't say too much cause I was one too, but since then I've worked hard to get to where I am and I'm proud of what I've accomplished.. Just want to say thanks to all my friends and teachers for helping get to where I am..
    • Sheldon Nakai Darts was NEVER this bad before no matter how bad or good u threw! it was all about having fun and playing darts! given i may have not reached grandmaster status nor will i prolly ever will but i've been around long enough to see these changes happening and quite honestly i find it kind of sad to see what was once a great game to play with a bunch of great friends whom i am very thankful to have met or have had the honor to play with including those that are now looking down upon us turn into a game where people trying to milk whatever handicap they can get or friends beefing with each other over the game! I know that change is irrelevent but i kinda do miss how it was back then! ( plus i was actually a decent player back then lmao ) It was all about playing darts and having fun drinking and just hanging with a bunch of friends!! u win u win u lose u lose oh well either way we drinking shots kinda thing! Just my 2cents!!
    • Richard Wong Yeah....see both sides but it is like that in all sports. Nothing is perfect. As long as you know in your heart that you did your best, win or lose, is all that matters. I used to play cause it was FUN. Great to be competitive but winning wasn't everything. I lost friends being too competitive and "blowing up." I did it and had it done to me. I still love to play, although I don't have the time or the money anymore, but it's because I have FUN. Winning a net of $40 at some tournament is not going to make or break me or pay for my son's tuition or even pay for my bar tab. But it was FUN just to be there and see what you could do with friends. Partnered with the BEST or the WORST. Shouldn't it be about FUN? Don't have FUN, don't play. Choose something else to have FUN at!
    • Ho Taewook I miss all you guys in Hawaii. I probably didnt have the greatest sportsmanship 100% of the time when I played either but I tried my best and always tried to teach the new guys or weak players and always, always encouraged them. I hope things get better for Hawaii darts cuz I love all you guys. For those guys going to Vegas at the end of the month, seeya there. Aloha :)


    Jo Ann Dowling
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