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Good Sports and Beer Winners
Lowest Team and Last Pick

Hawaiian Brian’s A Day/Night with “The Little Rascals”


I want to thank everyone who came out and played in both tournaments and I want to thank Leisure Games (Alan) for the add ins and Warren who added to the Bounty rewards.

A great time was had by all – we had so much fun on the School Yard draw that I hope next time we will have more. I want to congratulate the winners:

1st Place Derek Deguchi and Reyna Nakata

2nd Place Matt Masuda and Mari Gardner

3rd Kyle Higa and Jo Ann Dowling

The highlights of this tournament were Ron Lovelace and David Little were the lowest team and Ron was the last to draw. We complimented them with a beer for being good sports about it.

The second highlight of the tournament is when Debbie Asato and Deanna Wong had to go the rubber match which was the Balloon match. For those of you not familiar with this game it starts off with a balloon and everyone tried to hit high numbers to inflate the balloon once the color changes to red and purple you try not to burst the balloon. The game randomly allows you to hit the player change on one dart or forces you to shoot all three darts. Things were pretty funny as each player threw their darts until Debbie caught the must throw all three darts, she did ok until the third dart she hit a 2 and the balloon busted. After seeing that everyone made an extra effort not to go to the rubber match.

Our second tournament of the night the Bounty Shoot was equally exciting. I want to congratulate the winners first before going on with my story.

1st Place Ben Galiza and Chris Taylor

2nd Place Clifton Inouye and David Kong (Bounty Team)

3rd Alfred Bernarte and Timmy Tanaka

4th Place Ronnell Bumanglag and Chris Trinidad

As everyone watched and played these matches the Bounty Team progressed to top seed. Ben and Chris came back from the loser side as each team got eliminated their confidence grew.

On the match up with the Bounty team the intensity grew once they one won the first three out of five match now it came down to two out of three. They went to the rubber match and they won. It basically came down to who had first crack at the out and who could take it out.

Thank you everyone who came to watch or participate in these tournaments.
Thank you for reading my blogs


Aloha All

Jo Ann

Jo Ann Dowling
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