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5/15/2011 Best of the Best  
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Just a short note on this weekends Best of the Best tournament at Rende Vuu:

Congratulations to the winners and kudos to all that showed up to participate. On Saturday was the singles event for the Grandmasters men and women Single elimination. This was followed by a blind draw doubles tournament open to all. The winner for the men's was Doug Kamae and the women's was Cheryl Muranaka. Congrats to the both of them. It was exciting to watch the individual matches especially the ones that went back and forth and came down to the last game in a best out of five.

Sunday was supposed to be a trios tournament with all the participants' from the list, because a lot of people had other commitments - they ended up having a doubles tournament with a small twist. On the draw the top male and female became partners - so it was turned into a small bounty shoot where a team that put them in the losers bracket won money and the team that took them out won money - if the bounty team made it all the way they would receive the additional monies donated to the cause. It ended up with the team of Elmer Acorda and Shannon Kamae putting them in the loser's bracket and when they met up in the losers Elmer/Shannon took them out.

Top seed in this tournament was Alfred Beranarte and Oi Allen - Elmer Acorda and Shannon Kamae came from the loser's bracket to go on to beat them 2 sets to take first place.

I must say from my point of view the women did it all - they shot well and sometimes this was what kept the games exciting because it was back and forth. The men we know showed their skills as well but I think the women step up to the plate more often.

Congratulations to everyone that participated.

Aloha and thank you for reading my blogs

Jo Ann Dowling




Jo Ann Dowling
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