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Evergreen: Fly Non-Stop To 10 West Coast Cities

July 20, 2011

Excitement in the Air!!!

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Couple of things worth mentioning.

Miho Iwanaga came to Hawaii to visit with Hawaii dart players and give exhibitions before returning to Japan, We met her on Friday at Y’s Sports Bar where she mingled with us and drew the names for the raffle prizes and who would play her first at the luncheon scheduled the next day at Monterey Bay Canners. As luck would have it Kevin Lee won the option to play her, he declined and another name was drawn – it was me. I took the opportunity to play Japan’s highest rated female player Miho, it was a chance of a life time for me. Not always will one have an opportunity like that,

Saturday arrived though I was nervous about playing and I that I would try my best, I did not have much time to dwell on it, since I was part of the set up crew for Leisure Games. When it came time for our match I chose to play super count and I played as a 3 instead of my regular rating of 2. I was focused through most of the match in the end it was very close but I won. However if it were not for the spot every round I believe that I would’ve been left in the dust.

One of the things that most impressed me about Miho is that she was always smiling win or lose and she would take pictures with whoever asked her and even sign autographs. That is truly what a grandmaster is – her attitude makes you want to play the game win or lose. Many players who strive to be grandmasters should learn from this – your friends, family and fans look to you for guidance and they will try to emulate the same stature and presence as an example to your influence.

One more week till World’s most of us flying this weekend and early next week. I am getting excited and I believe I am feeling lucky to try my new darts and set up. I have my partners and I’m ready as I’ll ever be. Vegas here I come watch out!!!!!

Don’t forget the Pandora’s tournament on Wednesday July 27th check the times and location maps on face book under Scott Powell and Jo Ann Dowling or you can get flyer information on the details on the calendar page of this website. Dexter and I will be helping run this tournament and its must be present to sign up. We are allowing up to 64 teams we will have 10 boards to run this tournament, courtesy and camaraderie is a must.

For the players that are not going I am going to miss you – hope you will be cheering for Team Hawaii. I will try to keep you updated as much as I can but I am sure everyone will be texting and face booking each other with results. Hopefully we can put it all together for you.


Take care and thank you for reading my blogs - can't wait for Vegas!!!!!!


Jo Ann Dowling