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Evergreen: Fly Non-Stop To 10 West Coast Cities

5/14/2011 Are you looking for sponsorship?  
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When you have decided that you are ready to try and get endorsements look at what you have to offer them. Most companies will not give your letter or email a second thought unless it is beneficial to their company and what they represent.

When submitting your profile select potential business partners, who have the same needs and requirements that you do. Find out about them and what is important to them in their business, make an effort, do a little research on them, tell them about you. If for one minute you think that a company is going to take their hard earned profits and deposit it in your bank account for you to have fun, then I am afraid that the truth of the matter is, itís not going to happen.

Before you go out and get all the information  to throw at a sponsor, at least make contact and speak to them, talk to them, are they remotely interested in using what you have to offer, if not move on to find someone who maybe interested, otherwise you will be wasting your time and theirs. You could get lucky and find a person or non profit organization that can donate to your cause, but if you are looking for the long term - you need to listen be able to compromise and build that relationship Ė show respect and trust.

Itís not about YOU! Itís about your potential sponsors. Why because thatís how the pro do it. We see logos on their, trucks, cars, boats and on their shirts. Have you ever wondered why the logos are there Ė sponsors do Ė itís exposure to the masses Ė TV, magazines, newspaper and internet. And the exposure is not just local it could be international.

Next time instead of approaching potential sponsors with your career list of accomplishments and personal highlights, ask this question: What can I do to bring you more business and customers? Determine if you can help them achieve what they want, and if you can get the support of sponsors you want Ė this is a win-win situation.

Keep in mind itís not up to you Ė itís about what they want.


Aloha and thank you for reading my blogs

Jo Ann Dowling




Jo Ann Dowling
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