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Congratulations to the Dragon Tournament Finals Winners
sponsored by Leisure Games


From the month of May we have been running Dragon Singles tournaments at Hawaiian Brian's using the Dartslive boards. Each tournament players we given points on how they did in each of the tournaments. The final was run this past weekend on 9/22/12 we had a field of 24 that qualified - four could not make it.


Congrats to our 4 winners in the Dragon matches: Elmer Acorda, Doug Kamae, Philman Reyes and BJ Clifton. The matches were intense as well as exciting everyone was rooting for each other especially when key plays were made. Doug and Philman made it on the winners side - Elmer and BJ had to fight from the loser's - no match was a walk in the park for them.

All players gave it their best - all out to win. Good luck in California and represent 808. Thank you everyone who participated in the qualifiers and finals in my eyes everyone who played last night is a winner. (lots of good and determined players who will be moving up this year I think) once again congratulations.



Jo Ann Dowling


Elmer Acorda BJ Clifton Doug Kamae Philman Reyes

Al Nakamura Thank you Jo Ann for running all the quaifying matches. Mahalo to everyone who participated. It was nice to see how much everyone has improved by their hard work and dedication in preparing for this event. My only regret is that we could only send 4. Hawaii has another chance to send someone to Hong Kong. This will be next week Saturday at Stage 7 in Las Vegas. Good luck to our Hawaii Representatives going to Stage 7 and to see one of you live streamed in the Final. Thank you all for your support of Leisure Games.


Jo Ann Dowling
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