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 Are We Really Friends?



Over the last few weeks – how many of you have asked this question, if you haven’t maybe you should. People in the dart community we have many acquaintances and many friends or so we think but as time goes on many comments whether intentional or not things are said that hurt ones feelings.


In any game where there is handicapping there will always be people who sand bag for those that really try -  to be called a sandbagger whether in camaraderie or just for fun these eventually become hurtful statements, especially when it becomes a common statement no matter where you go. On the other side to this is eventually everyone thinks this is a true statement and pride gets in the way of friends.


For me personally I know that there are people out there that do not want to play with me because they feel that we will lose, so there is no effort made to win. This is the downfall of being a low rated player and a female to boot. I have heard comments made – think about it gang if you keep hearing the same thing over and over wouldn’t that eventually get into your head and that will eventually effect your game. No good job Jo Ann - only oh shit we’re going to lose. The vindictive side of me says ok I hope you get stuck with me and I continue to play tournaments, Nah I really like playing darts and I will try my best even though my partners may not. You will also notice that I do not ask anyone to be my partner in bring tournaments because I do not want to let anyone down. On the rare occasions that I do ask - most of the time I am told no because they are playing with someone else or they have other plans, so for me its best that I don’t ask anyone.


So getting back to the question – I truly believe that we are all friends and I think that we should try harder to not let the past comments hurt each other – I know this is hard to do but we have to. We are such a small community and we all know each other it’s not like we’re driving miles and miles to get to a tournament and don’t know everyone. Not like small fish in big pond – we are many fishes in small pond – so we have to share the space and the limelight such as it is.


You know that for the most part – we players look up to the higher players – because they should be setting the precedent of how the game should be – and the lower players especially the in between players try hard to emulate this. I have heard that many would like to teach the game to someone – well tempers should be taken out of the game. Well rounded and social etiquette should become the mainstay of the game. Forgive and forget its only one tournament you will meet again at another and if you want to beat them as a gentle person not a hostile person, there’s more pride in the win because you did it the way it should be. Don’t let your head get into it – be aggressive but fair and please don’t take it out on your partners or the boards.


Friends need friends and no one should take sides that only fuels the fire and will not let things that should done be done. Just cause you hang with people doesn’t mean you take their side it only means you are their friend – people should accept this. I am a person and so are you whatever you think should be your opinion and it shouldn’t be shared to gang up on anyone.


Just my opinion and how I feel about this game we call darts! We will be going to Worlds in a month and we need to stand strong and together – we are Hawaii’s Ohana so let’s show it.


Aloha and thank you for reading my blog,


Jo Ann Dowling







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