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April 12, 2011


A Tragedy of Enormous Proportions


To my friends who read my blogs – I say hello and thank you for taking the time to read my opinions. This blogs comes with some sadness for the people of Japan who underwent a great tragic event last month with the earthquake and tsunami that was created and now the nuclear plant that is still trying to recover and the impact it will have worldwide.


We in Hawaii were very lucky that the tsunami generated was not as devastating as it was in Japan though we did have some bad damages to our shores and boat harbors. The tsunami had impact on our mainland west coast areas as well. I cannot believe that even with the warnings and how our first responders reacted to the situation that many bystanders still did not heed all the warnings. Why is it in our nature to challenge something as enormous as this was, couldn’t they see what happened and to think “oh that wouldn’t happen to me!” and in the end someone did lose their life in the mainland because of this attitude.


Many of us watched the news on the devastation in the township of Sendai Japan because there was a big dart tournament when the tsunami struck – many of us have made friends with some of the dart players from Japan over the years and it was scary to know that some of these friends were in the middle of this tragedy. It took days for us to know what was happening and how many people lost love ones, friends, and family, My heart goes out to the people of Japan who have to deal with this and some are still homeless and have to live in shelters.


Though I myself have so little to offer – I wanted to post this blog to let you all know that there are people and organizations that are spearheading donations and gifts to help the people in Japan and we can help by giving whatever we can afford. Here is a list:


LStyle wrist bands $5 this will go directly to the Japan dart players who need help – you can purchase these from Leisure Games or one of their coordinators/bars.


Sick Kicks which is an organization that is taking shoes and t shirt sales for the people of Japan go to their facebook page and read how you can help. click on the donate button on right to donate directly to the Japan dart players. you can listen to interviews of some of the dart players the lived the disaster.


American Red Cross


There are many other organizations that are accepting donations for the people of the Japan you can find them through the internet, local establishments and media.

Aloha and thank you for reading my blogs

Jo Ann Dowling


Jo Ann Dowling
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